Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ramping up the calories and my after pics

I have officially ended the first portion of the Acceleration Diet. I am very happy with my results. I'm not as happy with my pics, but they do show the fat loss pretty significantly. I suppose I could not expect to go from complete slob to ripped in 35 or so days lol. But, I have never ever been able to drop this much weight in such a short period of time. It was pretty remarkable.
On to the pics:

This one probably shows the fat loss the best, much less round in the old midsection.

This shows the size difference in the width of my gut area. Also, I look more like a killer in the after pic (lady killer that is).

This one shows a little more definition in certain areas, and the fact that my mullet is growing quite nicely.

So, overall I am very happy. The pics almost do not do me justice. Not that I'm fitness model worthy by any means, but I feel so much leaner, much less fat on my abdomen, less fat in the saddlebag area, and thinner in my face as well. In all fairness though, the after pictures are more washed out, so I do look less toned so to speak. There's a reason you never see a ghost white bodybuilder, the darker the complexion (or tan), the more visible muscle becomes.
The pics tell me I still have a ways to go for sure, but this has been a huge jump-start. To get to this level of lean-ness has always taken me at least three months, with tons of cardio. This time it took a little over a month with almost zero cardio.
I have ramped up my calories a little, and am eating a few more carbs per day. I must say my strength in the gym has gone up with the calorie increase. I did eat some crap over the weekend as sort of a celebration. I felt like absolute shit from eating some less than desirable food I must say. I weighed in yesterday at 191.2. Now that I got the crappy eating out of my system I feel I will be able to get to sub 190 fairly soon, even with the elevated calorie level.
Dane and I have already been discussing having me do another month with a similar nutriton program, but with a few unique twists. This new plan could get me to around 180 I feel. It would take even more determination than this past program has. I'm not sure when I will start this. I am enjoying the increased strength that eating a little more has offered me as of late. I think I will work on getting my strength and muscle density up for the next few weeks. That should give me more muscularity when I decide to go ketogenic for a few weeks. I really did not have a good muscular base when I started this program. I basically went from couch potato occasional lifter to devout trainee. More to follow on this little journey.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up to day 33

So by now I should have posted pics and commenced the beginning of stage 2 so to speak. However, the weekend ran into Tuesday morning due to utter madness at the public sale of my grandparents goods. It was super stressful and very emotional. However, I did stick to the eating plan pretty well considering the circumstances. I did not get in enough meals some days, but I did my best to eat the approximate calories, just in less meals. This did seem to throw me off my game, it almost felt like I was cheating but in reality I was not. I did not feel in the groove though, but the weekends events were more important than being able to eat perfectly every three hours.
I just weighed in at 191, not bad. I did not get my typical workouts in, but did get some exercise unloading a moving truck and doing chores around my parents house. I will continue with the plan through the end of the week, and I will be getting my workouts in by Saturday for the week. I expect to hit 190 by Saturday, we shall see. The after pictures will be taken in the next few days, and posted up.
I am amazed that I lost almost 15 lbs already, but I want more. I will continue to seek Danes advice on how to hit 185 lbs. I will then reassess how I look and feel, and possibly feel the need to go for the low 180's possibly even to 180! I am a lot leaner than I was a month ago, but still have a decent amount of fat around the lower abdomen. I did not expect to get ripped in 30 days, but I'm very happy with the accelerated progress I did make. It is not fair to expect to completely undo years of poor eating so quickly. Still, it is unreal how fast this is working. In the past this would have taken me the entire summer to reach this point. I do still feel all out of whack, as my regimen was so messed up the past few days. I am pretty certain tonight's leg workout will slap me back into reality though. Ass to grass back squats have a way of commanding your utmost attention.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Up to Day 29

Today is Saturday morning, the start of day 29. I just weighed in at 191.4 lbs, it was good to break past that 192.4 sticking point. The original intent was for this to be the first day of the two or so week transition period of upping the calories. However, for a few reasons I will be continuing with the current calorie level through this coming Monday. First reason is that I had three days over the course of the program where I had cheat meals. This will be my punishment for that, and will give me a true 28 days out of 31 of being strict on the plan. Also, I will be in Leesport at my parents the next 3 days. It will be easier to just stick to the program versus being a little lax. A little lax in Leesport would make it easier to really fall off the wagon.
On to the recap of the last few days. I'm still feeling very good. I have gotten in two solid runs, one Thursday evening and one Friday morning. The Thursday run felt great, the Friday morning run was before I had eaten anything and I definitely felt out of gas very quickly. It also seemed to affect the Friday night tabata workout, as I didn't seem to have a whole lot of steam. I'm getting more proficient at all of the movements, and I can tell my body is craving more calories in order to complete the amount of work I am asking of it. It is challenging to be in this much of a calorie deficit and still train like a madman. I am excited for when I do bump the calories up a little, I think my workouts will really take off at that point.
I will be taking the after pictures Tuesday morning. I can tell I am much leaner, but I am definitely still holding fat in my lower abdomen. I know this area with it's last 5 to 10 lbs will take more time and effort to rid myself of. I do hope the pictures come out well and will show an obvious change. Wish me well over this weekend, as tons of bad for you food will be at my fingertips, and I will have to use my iron will not to indulge.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hitting the floor at 192.4 ?

I'm on let's see... day 26. My weight the past two mornings has held at 192.4. I have been feeling good for the most part, a little sluggish due to the even lower carbs Dane has me trying for the last week. I feel a decent serving of carbs before and after training would be ideal to fuel the weight training workouts and to help recover afterwards. I am in effect trying to gain or at least maintain all of my lean tissue. If I had no regard for muscle mass and just wanted to lose all the weight I could, I'm sure I could attain a higher overall weight loss. I probably will not hit 190 by Sunday, but should get very close.
I had been meaning to run a few times this week in the mornings, but we got a decent amount of snow Sunday night that hasn't cleared yet. I may be able to get a run in tomorrow morning, I will just have to watch for icy sections on the sidewalks. I am really amazed at the level of fat loss I have achieved in such a short period of time, and I haven't really done any sustained conventional cardio.
The training is going well. My AM workouts have been lacking as of late, no excuse for that. The PM weight training has been really good though. I am getting stronger in almost every lift, all while losing body weight. My strength normally dips as my weight does, but not this time. It's nice to have a well designed program compliments of Dane. There is no wasted time or wasted exercises. No need for isolated small muscle group movements, the multi joint exercises take care of everything at once. I really enjoyed hang clean into front squats this week, I found a bar that spins half ass decent. I do wish I could lift at Garage Strength, it would be nice to have PROPER equipment.
So I have a few more days to go on this first 4 week portion. Dane has to hash out what small adjustments I will be making. I will be upping the calories a small amount, and probably adding in a few more carbs. The rapid weight loss will slow down a little with that adjustment though. I still feel I should be able to drop 1 to 2 lbs per week after I up the cals and carbs. At this point I think anywhere between 180 - 185 lbs would have me ready to hit Ocean City NJ in a yellow speedo, making all the ladies get sore necks.
As an aside, Chrissy is making great strides with her program as well. She is also blogging more often than I have been. Check out her blog at
I feel she will be able to get in better shape than she ever thought possible. Most people (women generally in my experience) short change themselves when it comes to weight loss and the level of fitness they can achieve. They make excuses relating to genetics generally, stating that everyone in their family is of a certain build, therefore they could never look like so and so. I am going to help to debunk that myth using Chrissy as the model. I am 99% positive she will be able to get in way better shape than she ever thought possible using Dane's plan. Fun things are definitely happening in Lititz.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Days 18 through 21, freaking amazing!

Alright so my last weigh in was yesterday, 194.4, down about another pound. The loss is definitely slowing down a bit, and that should be expected. I am getting relatively lean, if I had to guess another 10 pounds would have me somewhat ripped. The last 10 pounds are generally the most hard fought, they just hate to leave the body. You generally lose it last where you gain it first, and I, like most men, gain it first in the lower ab region. Dane has come up with a little tweak that I will employ starting tomorrow for the last 7 days which should give me an extra little boost. I want to see if I can get to 190 or below for the weigh in on the morning on the 29th day. That will mark 28 days on the program.
I have a busy weekend coming up, and need to be extra careful not to cheat on the nutrition portion. I really want to hit 190, and if I leave out a cheat meal I think I can get it. Chrissy and I went a little overboard last weekend, and paid for it on the scale. It was definitely a two steps forward one step back affair. I do believe that one cheat meal a week can be employed (and possibly should be), but it has to be a sensible portion and a sensible selection.
The workouts have been going well, we just got back from tabata Friday, and it was as usual a killer. I thought I might lose a quart of raw milk on the last set of jump burpees, but to the gym staffs' delight I didn't spew. To be fair I could probably dunk a basketball on each jump portion of my jump burpees, that's how incredible I am. But it was another all out balls out effort, and it was a rewarding experience. I went for a light run this morning, maybe a mile. I haven't run in months, so it wasn't an impressive affair. However it felt good and I will knock out a few runs in the next week to try and really juice up my metabolism. Little Bendi (the world's smartest cattle dog mutt) definitely appreciates the runs in her purple harness. She looks like Jane Fonda which pisses me off, but we got it for free and it works well. Maybe I will run one day in pink striped spandex shorts and a playboy bunny half shirt. That would surely get Spruce St. talking.
Now on to the amazing part! I really had to think about this today, but it's undeniable. 95% of the time I feel incredible eating this way and training this way. I've said it before, but I will say it all again... I have nice sustained energy throughout the day, I used to need a nap a few times a week. I haven't been getting a ton of sleep at night either, so this new found energy I attribute mostly to the nutrition. My mood has done almost a 180, I still can be a crabby patty at times, but for the most part I am upbeat and positive. I'm not even trying to be this way consciously, it's just happening. Who would have thought nutrition could play a role in your mood haha. I get a lot more things done as of late, and I am busier than ever with work. I just feel more motivated to get things done I have been putting off for a long time.
So basically what I am telling all you douche Wallace's is to get your ass out of the rut you are probably in. Some of you are probably even on meds for mood and or depression. I bet 95% of you don't need them, you just need to get your crap together with diet and exercise. Its hard at first but in a few weeks you can completely turn yourself around. Dane can set you up with a program that will flat out produce results. I have tried numerous exercise and nutrition programs over the years and this has by far been the most productive. And I'm taking no supplements (except cod liver oil, if you can even classify that as a supplement), the nutrition has become second nature, I actually WANT to do the workouts, and my general sense of well being and outlook are better than they have ever been (as far back as I can remember anyway!). I know some of this sounds hokey, but I truly feel that adamant about this.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Days 12 through 17

I've been a bit lazy with updating the blog as of late, so here is a little recap of the last few days. Friday morning I weighed in at 195.6 lbs. Still heading in the right direction. At this point eating clean meals in small proportions is basically second nature. Everything is going well. BM's moving right along, meals getting cooked and eaten like clockwork.
My workouts have been solid but nothing too amazing for the most part. I supposed I can only expect so much while eating 1500 - 1800 calories per day and virtually no carbs. I do notice the lack of pumps, the feeling where your muscles swell up during intense exercise. This makes sense on such a low level of carbs, but I have to admit I miss the feeling.
This past Friday was tabata Friday, and it is becoming one of my favorite workouts. It is the most grueling but it moves very quickly. I seem to like more intense pain over a shorter period of time vs. a little pain drawn out forever. I upped the weights on the tabata movements a good bit and it made a difference. Chrissy and I also did the workout in the empty studio room at the gym, so it was nice to have a big area with no one around. Most workouts cause discomfort in certain body areas, tabatas are quite different though. They cause discomfort in your entire being! I felt like I had to puke after the first set Friday, but it meant I was giving it my all and it actually felt great once I was done. I was impressed by how hard Chrissy worked at them as well.
I have to get on track with the morning workouts a little better. Extra early morning work days and a real busy weekend were to blame as of late. Still there is no reason not to get up a bit earlier and take care of business. I am feeling a bit low on energy when it comes workout time. Again, this is to be expected. My energy throughout the day is great though, no ups and downs just steady energy. My mood and focus continues to be excellent, which really is a welcomed positive addition.
I did have a cheat meal on Saturday night at my brother in law's birthday party. Nothing too huge, but a little more calories than I should have. Tomorrow will tell the tale on the scale, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 11

196.8 in the morning. This is down from the 205.8 that I started at just 10 days ago. It feels great to have hit a solid 9 lb loss already. I truly feel that I am gaining muscle mass once again fairly quickly as well. There are many that don't believe one can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, but I think that is BS. If my assumption is true that would mean I have lost more than 9 lbs of fat so far. If I had more money I should have had a pre and post body fat % taken by a professional. We will have to rely on the pictures and the scale. I need to get some new pictures of my hairy man beast of a self up soon. Stay tuned for that. My workout this morning lacked a bit of intensity, for no reason other than I was dreading work today. That is a poor excuse and I need to pick it up tomorrow morning. The nutrition is still going good, I am surprised at how much meat Chrissy and I are going through. Other than that, not much to report, which is good news as this is continuing to go very well.